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Thematic index of compositions

I regard my compositions to be organized according to a number of different themes which characterize my artistic and intellectual concerns. A given work may fall squarely within a single theme, or may intersect a number of them, or be orthogonal to all of them. Some of the themes pertain to sonic aspects of a work, such as instrumentation or structural conception, whereas others pertain to metaphor, inspiration or critical inquiry. For those familiar with some of my work, this index may help in guaging what to expect from unfamiliar works. For performers and potential collaborators or commissioners, this index may also serve to indicate the realm of possibilities from which future projects may begin to be conceived.

Cross-cultural works: involving Thai classical music

Music for a Royal Palace

Cross-cultural works: involving Northeast Thai / Lao music

Five Cycles
Epilogue for a Dark Day
Three Body Problem
Telemetry Lock
Tashi Delek
the wind blows inside
Three Lai

Cross-cultural works: involving Korean traditional music

Bear Woman Dances

Cross-cultural works: inspired by non-Western traditions but not explicitly evoking any in particular

things that flow
String Quartet (first movement)
Ritual Music

Mathematics and algorithmic composition

010 machine states
Microlude in Three Primes

Aeneas in the Underworld

11 Sequences for Tom Johnson

Plenum Vortices

Pines Long Slept in Sunshine
In Daylight and Cool White (to Dan Flavin)
Petit Hommage à Jehan Alain

Liber Pulveris
Hector Mine
Signals Intelligence
things that flow Carillon (from Four Piano Sketches)
Homophonic Construction on Notes by O. Messiaen (from Four Piano Sketches)
Five Cycles
Ritual Music

Improvisation and performative flexibility

Once, in a grove of tamarisk

Serpent of Five Tongues

In Daylight and Cool White (to Dan Flavin)

Telemetry Lock II

Ecstatic Volutions in a Neon Haze
Repudiation and Sacrifice (Music in Service of Revolution)
I Want to Believe
Epilogue for a Dark Day
Telemetry Lock
Tashi Delek
Lineamenta (final section)
Bear Woman Dances (third movement)


Song for a Glacial Boulder
Song for a Form Carved by Water
Hector Mine


Pan-lom (Essays on Architecture 1)
Lineamenta (Essays on Architecture 2)
Music for a Royal Palace (Essays On Architecture 3)

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