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ruthless compositions for ruthless improvisers

Between the years 265 and 146 BC, the dominant powers of the Mediterranean world, Rome and Carthage, fought a series of three conflicts, the Punic Wars. At the end, mighty Carthage was in ruins, its life as a state ended and its culture almost totally extinguished. The emergence of Rome as a superpower had begun. In the years immediately prior to the outset of the Third Punic War (149 BC), the Roman statesman Marcus Portius Cato "Cato the Elder", was said to have have ended every speech he delivered in the senate with the same phrase: "Carthage must be destroyed".

Delenda Est Carthago first came together late in 2008 to perform a trio version Christopher Adler's I Want to Believe, after having performed the work over many years as two separate duos. And in the beginning of 2009, Delenda Est Carthago travelled to Seattle to perform for the Washington Composers Forum, and was named soon thereafter.


by Christopher Adler:
- I Want to Believe
- Mastodon

by Alan Lechusza:
- Birth of a Butterfly
- Montana
- Pugs 4 Peace

Alan Lechusza's website / Colin McAllister's website


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