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      Alan Lechusza, woodwinds
Christopher Adler, piano
Vikas Srivastava, drums

often these free improvisations are so closely knit between the trio's voices that they give the impression of having sprung from compositionsCraig Nixon, JumpArtsJournal

Juxtaposing disparate musical genres into large-scale compositional architectures realized entirely through free improvisation, the music of the Christopher Adler Trio weaves together American free jazz and European free improvisation, minimalist and ambient textures, funk and hip-hop, punk and bebop. The Trio's music is unified by its members' commitment to the spiritual power of musical experience and to constantly challenging their own musical boundaries. After joining in 2000, the Trio established its presence in San Diego with a string of weekly performances at the innovative venue Galoka lasting 21 straight months.

The duo has released two CDs, Live in Los Angeles (2001) and Transcontinental (2002)


Alan Lechusza's website


Christopher Adler, University of San Diego Music Program, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, 92110-2492

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